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…IT Support experience in data analysis, management, and tool design. Proficient in troubleshooting hardware and software issues, managing IT assets, and analyzing complex data sets. Skilled at communicating technical information to non-technical stakeholders.


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{ 2022
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// Centre for qualitative Research

...I have been working as IT Support Specialist at Centre for Qualitative Research since September 2022. My responsibilities are - Most Technical Support, Maintain KoBo Toolbox (Questionnaire Design, xlsForm), Data Cleaning, Help to Data analysis, Data collection, Field Management, Website design and Development etc.

{ 2019
2022 }
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// Dynamic Capital INC

...I have also worked as a Freelance Web Designer for local clients. I was responsible for building their websites with WordPress CMS. And I have worked in the freelance sector with the highest satisfaction of the client.

{ 2016
2019 }
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// Content Market Research

...I started Blogging in May 2021. I am still working on my own platform. I am basically develop some blogging websites, namely - (www.blog.suhanurrahman.com), Bengali Blogger (www.bengaliblogger.com), NoticeWiki (www.noticewiki.com). I publish the daily life hacks, tricks, technology based blogs, and skill development content. Visitors can read, share, and comment on any content for free.


...my skill is a versatile mix of creativity, adaptability, and strong problem-solving. I possess a natural inclination towards creative thinking, enabling me to approach tasks with fresh ideas and original solutions. This creativity extends to various domains, including design, writing, and problem-solving.


_css & html

...proficient in creating visually appealing and interactive web pages using HTML and CSS. Able to design layouts, styles, and responsive interfaces for a seamless user experience;



...proficient in JavaScript for dynamic web development, including interactivity, content manipulation, and web application building with frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js;



...proficient in PHP for dynamic web development, including server-side logic, database management, and integration with frontend technologies. Familiar with popular PHP frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter;



...experienced in WordPress for creating and customizing websites, including themes, plugins, and content management. Proficient in optimizing performance and security;


_business development

...experienced in driving company growth through market research, client relationship building, and strategic planning. Skilled in sales, negotiations, and implementing effective marketing strategies for revenue enhancement and expansion;


_brand promotion

...experienced in strategic brand promotion through effective marketing campaigns, social media, and advertising to boost visibility and engage the target audience.


_research and development

...Experienced in systematic research and innovation to improve products, services, and processes. Skilled in market analysis and implementing new ideas to meet business goals;


_data analysis

...Experienced in analyzing large datasets, using statistical tools and visualization techniques to extract valuable insights for informed decision-making and business improvement;



...whether you wish to discuss new ideas or have a project for me, simply fill this form and I’ll get back to you soon.

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